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Hi, i'm Cassidy. 18, from Michigan. I blog what i like and what relates to what i am going through. Don't hesitate to talk or ask me anything.

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  1. lindsaylohoean:

    me when i laugh at something that  i wasn’t supposed to be laughing at


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  5. favlted:

    I just want to hug you and kiss you and have you and love you

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  7. masqverades:

    do you ever get so disgusted with yourself, like you can not believe how stupid and thoughtless you are and it’s so frustrating because you keep telling yourself that you’ll do better next time but then next time rolls around and the same thing keeps happening and you end up in this pattern of mediocrity.

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  11. stability:

    my hobbies include staying up until 2am for no reason and being exhausted the next day

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  17. fangirl challenge: 3/20 characters → Tris Prior

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  19. omysam:

    Bubba was my best good friend.


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  25. somefancyname:

    I want to date someone who is genuinely my best friend. Someone who I can stay up late talking to, and have meaningful conversations with. Someone who treats everybody friendly. Someone who’s there for me when I need them to be, and vice-versa. Someone I can love.

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  27. heykarli:

    My friends mom is 4’9 and her dad is 6’5. Whenever she is mad at him, she grabs a chair to yell in his face. Everytime that happens, he’s laughing too hard for her to stay mad. They say it’s the only way they’ve been married for so long.

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